Alaska Highway Memorial Project

It's Time.

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"The First Road to Civil Rights"

In 1942, immediately following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States determined to build a road from the continental states to Alaska. Many thousands of soldiers, contractors and engineers were mobilized to the task; 5,000 of them were treated as something less than human.

Persevering and eventually triumphing, the "colored regiments" proved their competence and ability as construction engineers, opening the gates of respect that eventually led to the desegregation of the American military, and eventually, of the entire country.

Little recognized, nearly forgotten, few of these men still walk among us. It is time to demonstrate our appreciation for their sacrifice and their dignity in bearing up under extreme conditions and treatment, and contributing to one of the key lifelines that modernized Alaska.

It is time to honor their sacrifice

Join with us in building this memorial for the 75th anniversay of the Alaska-Canada Highway, coming in 2017.

It is time. Please help.

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